Drank too much ARAK

Drank too much ARAK
Israeli Humor
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Arak or Araq (Arabic: عرق pronounced [araq],is a highly alcoholic spirit (50%-63% Alc. Vol.). It is a clear, colorless, unsweetened anise-flavoured distilled alcoholic drink (also labeled as an Apéritif). It is the traditional alcoholic beverage of Lebanon and Syria, and is also produced and consumed in many Eastern Mediterranean and North African countries.
The word Arak comes from Arabic araq عرق , meaning 'condensation'. Arak is not to be confused with the similarly named liquor, arrack (which in some cases, such as in Indonesia—especially Bali, also goes by the name arak). Another similarly sounding word is aragh, which in Armenia and Azerbaijan is the colloquial name of vodka, and not an aniseed-flavored drink. Raki, zivania, and ouzo are aniseed-flavored alcoholic drinks, related to arak, popular in Turkey, CyprusGreece and Israel.
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