Shayetet 13 Long sleeves 2027

Shayetet 13 Long sleeves 2027
IDF - Israeli Navy with SHAYETET 13.
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IDF - Israeli Navy Longsleeves printed with the famous Kanfei SHAYETET  13 (Batwings) insignia illustrates the unit’s reputation for stealth, speed and valor.

Shayetet 13
is the Israeli naval commando elite special forces (SF) unit. The S-13 (shorthand for "Shayetet 13") is considered one of the top-three SF units in Israel (along with Sayeret Matkal - the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit - and Sayeret Shaldag - the Air Force commando unit). The S-13 is the unit in charge of maritime hostage rescue and counter-terrorist missions.
The S-13 is one of the most veteran Israeli Special Forces ( Sayeret ) units. It was formed in 1949 by Yohai Ben-Nun and was based upon the Naval Brigade of the Haganah- the Jewish resistance movement during the British regime in what was then Palestine. In the unit's early years, there was a debate in the IDF regarding the need for such unit so S'13 was small and with low budget. In 1960, S'13 existence was first made public and its operators received their renowned winged insignia rather than a general Israeli Navy insignia worn until then.
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